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The Ultimate Guide to Reducing Flaking, Ensure Reliability, And Gaining Model Respect

If you want to be successful in the OnlyFans management business, you must first overcome a few big obstacles. The most...

If you want to be successful in the OnlyFans management business, you must first overcome a few big obstacles.

The most difficult challenge, in my opinion, is dealing with the models themselves.

You must first recruit them, which is a massive task in and of itself.

However, you must then persuade them to do what you want them to do when you want them to do it.

To be more explicit, you must:

  1. Make sure they provide content in a timely manner
  2. Make sure the content they provide fits the specifications that you require
  3. Make sure they provide enough content
  4. Make sure they perform all of the verifications required to set up all of their accounts properly
  5. Make sure they don’t fuck you over with the money

Today I wanted to write an article on my experience managing models and what I presently believe are excellent practices for negotiating from a position of strength in order to avoid getting screwed over.

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Lessons From The Kitchen

I've always wanted to join the military since I was a kid. I was a shy kid growing up, and I thought joining the military would give me the confidence I needed to function in the real world without fear.

I was mistaken, but that's an other tale.

As infantrymen, we were responsible for culinary duties.

Many of the locations where we served had one or two full-time "chefs" (I use that term liberally), and our unit would volunteer a few guys every day to do things like cut vegetables, wash dishes, clean, and so on.

I enjoyed kitchen duty because it allowed me to get away from the monotony of cleaning guns and trudging in the cold.

I could listen to music and wash dishes for an entire day without having to interact with any of the fools in my unit. It was pleasant.

I recall speaking with the base's head chef one day.

We somehow got around to talking about some of the soldiers in my unit. This guy is a wonderful soldier, this guy stinks, and so on.

He said at one point:

Even though I never see you guys in the field, I know who the good soldiers are in your unit because I see how they work in the kitchen. Who you are in the kitchen is who you are in the army.

Those remarks have stayed with me to this day.

When it comes to OF management, the key is this: if you hire a model who is lazy at her retail job, lazy in her personal life, and lazy in school, do you believe she will succeed as a model simply because she is beautiful?

No. She’s going to be lazy with her modeling career as well.

On the other hand, if you have a model that goes above and above in school, employment, and raising her children (if she has any), how do you think she will treat her OnlyFans career?

This post will discuss how to communicate with your models in order for them to be loyal, trustworthy, and respectful of you.

However, I'm including this incident at the start because I want to make one thing extremely clear:

  • If your model is a rotten apple, no matter how much you polish her, she will remain rotten
  • If your model is a golden apple, she won't require as much polishing because she's made of fucking gold

Don't berate yourself if you can't change the behavior of poor models.

And 19/20 of those who "sign" with you will be bad.

Instead, devote all of your attention on those that reply quickly, accomplish what you ask, and are completely committed to success.

Why Did Your Model Flake On Your Zoom Call

Her: 14:00 is perfect x
Me: Ok cool what's your email and number so I can send you an invite?
Her: [Personal information]
Me: Ok perfect that's booked in

The call will be with our director, his name is [personal information]
Her: Ok xx
Me: If you have any questions feel free to message me!
[Two days later]
Me: Hey, here's a link to the Zoom call for 14:00

Her: Really sorry something came up today so I'm not at home x

Can you find the mistake?

I always see ignorant agency owners share chats like this one in Telegram groups:

“Hey guys, I had a Zoom call scheduled with a model today but she canceled on me last minute/flaked/was 30 minutes late. What should I do?”

First and foremost, I'll tell you this: serious models — the superstars — will show up exactly when you tell them to.

If you tell them the call is at 12:00, they will arrive at that time.

Not because they are inherently superior to the rotten models, but because it is vital enough for them to restructure their day's activities in order to arrive on time.

I presently have 1.5 superstars as of this writing.

The first one (about whom I mentioned in my previous article) not only arrived on time for our meeting, but she also texted me a few hours earlier to clarify that we were still on.

I've recruited another one with superstar vibes in the last week. She also arrived on time.

Arriving on time may not seem like a huge thing to you, but it is a HUGE sign of respect for the person you will meet.

The girl does not respect you if she is late.

It makes no difference whether she has the best excuse in the world – she didn't show there on time, so she doesn't respect you.

And if she acts so disrespectfully in the first discussion, imagine how she will act 3-6 months later when she is at ease.

It's not going to go well.

However, before we start criticizing the girl for being a nasty person, you should double-check yourself.

  • Did you make it clear to the girl that your relationship with her is one where you have the upper hand?
  • Did you set the frame that she needs you more than you need her?
  • Does she understand that your time is valuable and she wastes it at her own peril?
  • Does she see you as the type of guy that won’t tolerate bullshit from dumb hoes?

If your answer is anything other than "yes", I'm sorry, but you messed up.

Even a superstar, who will almost certainly arrive on time, must think that they are dealing with a superior entity in order to feel loyal.

So the challenge is, how do you portray that you are an important agency owner who is extremely busy and doesn't have time for nonsense, rather than a beginner yearning for his first girl?

You must express to the girl EXACTLY what you want her to do.

I'll tell you a sentence that I use every time I call a new girl:

“Please show up to the call on time.”

That's all. Nothing out of the ordinary. However, a simple phrase accomplishes two things:

  1. It's polite but firm
  2. It signifies a consequence if they do not arrive on time for the call

"But what if I use your magic sentence and she still shows up late to the call?" you may be wondering.

Normally, I allow them 5 minutes to contact me and let me know they are going to be late.

I understand that sh*t happens, and it's not the end of the world if she arrives at 12:03 instead of 12:00. And it's close enough that I'll still contact her, but I'll remind her to be on time the next time.

If she remains radio silence for more than 5 minutes, I'll send her the following text:

“We don’t work with time wasters. Best of luck elsewhere.”

If she’s low quality and I wasn’t crazy about the call anyway, then that’s the end of it.

But if she's a high-quality girl who isn't used to being refused like that, I'm sure I'll get a text back within 30 seconds begging me to reschedule.

As an example, consider the following conversation:

Me: We agreed 6

A tip for you in the future: if you are going to be late, let the person know and tell them by how many minutes you'll be late
Her: Public transportation and walking on foot is hard to estimate theirs bad wifi outside to do zoom

Me: Still should have let me know
Her: Ok

We can make another call

If you'd like to
Me: I have another call right now

I don't mean to be a dick but my time is valuable and I hate when models flake or are late, drives me absolutely crazy

However, I'II give you another chance and we can reschedule for tomorrow if you want. Now that you are aware
Her: Ok
Me: Let me know a time that works for you
Her: I wake up @9am
Me: That's great

How about 11
Her: Ok
Me: Great, see you then
Her: I have no plans tomorrow so I won't be late
See you then

I normally make them suffer for a little while first to make them understand the error of their ways.

But if I think she has potential, I'll arrange a call with her for the next day, even if I have time that day.

You want them to think that you are busy and important. If you are staying busy and keeping up with your recruiting, then soon you will be.

But, at first, you must fake it till you can make it a little bit.

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How Should You Approach Models In Your Early Outreach

Let's take a step back and talk about the initial outreach, because it's completely likely she didn't pick up the phone because of something you said in the first few texts.

They say you never get a second chance to make a first impression.

This is especially true for women.

Most women decide whether or not to sleep with a man within the first thirty seconds.

Women's brains are not wired the same way as men's.

We can tell the difference between who we want to conduct business with and who we want to put our dick in.

Women do not have that option. I'm not trying to be sexist, but they just can't make the distinction.

Perhaps a handful are, but the vast majority will determine whether or not to do business with you depending on your attitude toward them.

You could be a traffic expert and an expert chatter, but if your game with girls is lacking, girls will believe you don't know what you're doing.

I say this because I witness a lot of screenshotted discussions in which the males are plainly eager to please and begin slobbering at the idea of seeing her titties.

The attitude that you want towards these girls in your initial outreach is one of cool interest.

You're only casually interested in this girl, but you'd like to learn more about her. You are the one who qualifies her, not the other way around.

Having a variety of options is the best approach to acquire this frame of mind.

There is no alternative for abundance mentality.

If you only have one conversation with a potential model per day, you will place a high value on that interaction.

Your desperation will show since you know that's your only chance for the day.

If you have 100 conversations with possible models every day, your process will become much more efficient.

This is one of the reasons I place such a high value on recruiting, particularly for new agency owners.

When your recruitment gear is in good operating order, you should never become too attached to any one model.

The girls can sense it and will naturally believe that because you aren't chasing them, they should want to work with you.

It makes no logical sense, yet that is how they think.

I was born an ice-cold pimp, therefore I don't have these attitudes regarding models.

Because I spam my outreach and chat to dozens of models every day, I have these mindsets.

I've also learned the hard way that being polite and empathetic invites cutthroat girls who regard gentleness as a sign of weakness.

Even if I wanted to, I wouldn't be able to devote enough time to pursuing all of them.

My mass-communication tactics merely allow me to identify the stars and low-hanging fruit.

Here's an example of a conversation I had with a model yesterday who was being rude to me.

Her: I understand this but I need personnel insight. I have no proof of anything. Sure you have provided info on your documents. But it still doesn't show me that this isn't a scam.

It of course looks good on paper. But in reality it could just be fake
Me: Why would I waste time talking to you

Or writing a 20 page sales letter
Her: Okay. I'll give it a shot
Me: If you want to apply then follow the instructions at the end of the sales letter please
Her: Okay

Will do

When would I be getting paid? Also can you show me some samples of your models?
Me: Payment is every two weeks

Once your account starts earning

Her: Okay I see now. I feel better because not all my pictures are professional
Me: Most peoples aren't

And nobody cares tbh
Her: Can you send me a selfie since you are the one who will be representing me?
Me: We can do a zoom call

Read the document and follow the instructions at the end if you want to apply
Her: && how do I become elite
Me: I'm not going to answer any more questions until you follow the instructions that I have given you
Her: Ok
Me: If you can't follow instructions in our first conversation I can only imagine what it would be like working with you three months from now
Her: Well it sounds like a person that is interested asking questions to someone they don't know, and they can't seem to answer them unless demanded to sign a form, provide info that you are unsure of. So yea I can see how it would be working for you 3 months. If you want to recruit people maybe you should approach them differently if they ask questions. Thank you for the opportunity. You have let me know that I wouldn't get hired anyway.

However if there is a chance l'd be hired or represented, please send a yes.
Me: Lol


Just read the document and follow the instructions

We are looking for people who follow instructions

If that's not you, have a nice day

And I never asked you to sign anything, not sure where you got that
Her: I'm applying now

I am wanting to work toward paying my debts. This is a great opportunity for me, and I have confidence signing with you will be beneficial. I am a single mother who wants to give my almost 7 year old daughter the world. I plan to be the best and provide anything that is asked of me.
Me: Thank you. I'll send these for review and get back to you within 24 hours
Her: Thank you.

Is there anything else I should send?
Me: No. That's enough. We'll get back to you within 24 hours.

A few things I want you to notice here.

At first, I was nice and started answering her questions.

Did that make her be nice to me?

No. She was even more demanding.

Once I stood up for myself and insisted on things being done the way I wanted, she moved from "who are you and why should I trust you?" to "please give me this chance, sir!".

Everything happened in a matter of minutes.

Not only that, but in the end, she virtually begs me for the chance.

You can see by the way I talk with her that I am uninterested in signing her. I'm not trying to oversell her.

By the way, I don't generally respond to questions by text.

If they wish to apply, I usually just tell them to read my sales letter and follow the procedures at the end.

I must have been feeling generous.

It wasn't until I basically told her, "Follow instructions or fuck off," that she transformed into a cute little puppy dog who ate out of my hand.

Unfortunately, she turned out to be quite unattractive. Unattractive girls, on the other hand, make money.

The important line is that you must approach these girls with the mentality that:

  1. You don’t need them
  2. They need you
  3. They must show respect otherwise their asses will be out the door ASAP

How To Behave During A Zoom Call

So you've managed to get a model to show up for a Zoom call.

Congratulations - it's not as simple as it appears.

Now, before you screw it up by acting like a thirsty little bitch, I'm going to tell you how to behave so that she respects you and wants to sign with you.

However, before we get there, I must emphasize that the call will go MUCH better if you have correctly established the framework by:

  1. Showing that your time is valuable
  2. Implying that YOU are interviewing THEM
  3. Conveying that you are a busy and important agency owner and are offering them an opportunity, not the other way around

This is accomplished by delivering a 20-page sales letter outlining why these girls should sign with my agency.

Deconstructing that could be a book in and of itself, let alone an article, so I'll save it for another time.

But, for the time being, suffice it to say that the paper is clear and effective.

This is important because the REASON I made the document in the first place was to save myself time during Zoom calls.

When I first started recruiting and getting girls on calls, I realized that the talks were almost always the same.

  1. The benefits of working with us
  2. What we expect from them
  3. Compensation breakdown
  4. Who owns the rights to the content
  5. How long is the contract for
  6. etc..

I wrote the sales letter to break up the boredom of having the same talks over and over again.

But I figured that because I was giving them something to read, I might as well use it as a sales tool to entice them to work with me.

I can't go into detail about that in this section, as I previously stated, but I strongly advise you to provide these girls something to read before your call.

For one thing, it works as an excellent screening mechanism to weed out the time wasters.

A girl who is only marginally interested will not spend 20 minutes reading a primer on what it's like to work with your agency. She simply does not care.

A girl who is DESPERATE to work with an agency, on the other hand, will read every fucking word. She might even reread it.

The most recent superstar I signed not only read it to herself, but she also read it to her parents to show them what a fantastic opportunity she had.

(The parents, for the record, agreed).

Another advantage of drafting a lengthy sales letter is that it forces the girl to commit to working with you. There is no investment if you simply transition from text conversation to Zoom call.

You'll need to spend even more time on the phone with her to get her to open up about herself so she feels invested in the conversation.

It's much better to just send out a long paper that sells the opportunity for you and utilize the Zoom call to go over the fundamentals, which I'll go over immediately.

This is how I handle my Zoom calls:

  1. Ask them about their experience/background
  2. Ask them to justify any red flags that they mention
  3. Tell them about how we operate
  4. Allow them to ask questions
  5. Explain the next steps and deadlines
  6. Allow them to ask questions
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1. Ask Them About Their Experience Or Background

The rationale behind this is self-explanatory. I'd like to know with whom I'm dealing.

  • Has she worked in the adult business before?
  • What has she done previously?
  • Why does she want to work in the industry if she has no experience?
  • Has she previously done OnlyFans? What was her experience like?

2. Ask Them To Justify Red Flags

This is where I actively try to exclude the models based on what I see as potential red flags. This is something I only do when absolutely necessary.

For example, if someone mentions having a young child, I inquire if they plan to eventually cease performing this type of employment because they don't want their child to know.

These topics should be brought up in the initial meeting, if only so that the model can state explicitly that they aren't red flags.

Are they telling the truth? Maybe. But at least you compel them to voice their lie (and can observe to see if they squirm) rather than giving them the opportunity to surprise you 6 months later.

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3. Tell Them How We Operate

At this point, I explain how our agency operates. What we require of them, how we will promote them, and how we will manage their accounts.

All of this is included in the sales letter, so I just go over it quickly to refresh their memory.

4. Allow Them To Ask Questions

I give them the opportunity to ask me questions before I discuss the following steps. After reading a 20-page sales letter, they're bound to have some questions about how the whole thing works.

It's also likely that they'll bring up anything that's been bugging them about the entire procedure at this point.

Before I discuss the following stages, I want to give them the opportunity to ask questions. There's no point in discussing next steps if they still have reservations about the whole process, so we need to clear that up before proceeding.

It also helps me to see where their mind is at during the procedure. Are they curious? Motivated? Hesitant? Suspicious? Excited?

All of this will teach me how to treat them in the future.

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5. Explain The Following Steps And Deadlines

I'll go over this further in the following part, but for now, let me explain what happens after the call.

None of the models you chat with have previously worked with me. They may have worked with other agencies, but they are unlikely to be as professional and organized as I am.

They are not surprised by anything because you inform them exactly what to expect at each phase of the process. They are actually relieved that they are in such skilled hands.

6. Allow Them To Ask Questions

Before I conclude the call, I offer them another chance to ask questions.

I place a high value on the prior step, in which I delegate instructions and set deadlines. If they do not complete the tasks by the deadline, their contracts are terminated.

I believe it is only fair that I enable them to ask questions before terminating the call in order to give them the best chance of success.

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Explaining The Following Steps And Deadlines, Part 2

I've probably received 40-50 Zoom calls in the 7 or so weeks that I've been running this agency.

95% of the time, the model agrees to be represented by my agency.

  • How many do you believe are now working for me?
  • Do you believe any of them have submitted a single piece of content?
  • How many of these do you believe have even generated a single dollar?

There aren't many.

The reality is that the majority of the girls who tell you they want to get started on a Zoom call are full of trash.

As I stated at the outset of this post, if an apple is rotting, it is rotten. Simply throw it away.

However, as businesspeople, our goal is to maximize efficiency at every stage of the sales process.

If a model decides to cease working with us because she is a jerk, that is her fault.

If a model decides not to cooperate with us because we did not adequately convey what we expected from her, that is our fault.

Once a model has signed, I assign them three chores that must be performed in no more than 48 hours.

  1. Sign and return the contract
  2. Submit their ID verification on OnlyFans
  3. Provide the initial set of content, around 20 videos and 20 images

If these activities are not accomplished within 48 hours, I will terminate the contract. There will be no exceptions.

This adjustment was implemented for two reasons:

  1. If a model can't perform these things in two days, she's not serious
  2. My first superstar did these things immediately without me having to ask her

Let's be honest, gentlemen: these duties do not require two days.

Less than five minutes are needed for reading and signing the contract. Let's say 15 if you're a slow reader or don't speak English fluently.

OnlyFans' ID verification is a pain in the a$$, but it will only take you 30 minutes.

It shouldn't take you more than an hour to send me 20 small video of 30-60 seconds each.

Most girls have 20 photos on their phone that they can send without having to take any fresh ones. And if they need to shoot new ones, they can simply do so in 15-20 minutes.

Let's give them the benefit of the doubt and assume it takes TWO HOURS to perform these things.

If a model cannot devote two hours to this and return it to me in less than two days, she is not serious.

Her excuses are meaningless. I've heard them all, believe me.

  • OF wouldn’t accept my ID
  • I tried and tried, but it was always rejected!
  • I've been so much busy recently
  • I got caught in traffic
  • I had to take my daughter to the hospital

Blah, blah, blah...

Listen, it's very simple: I own a business.

I don't have time to pursue you, and I don't want to deal with people who aren't desperate for success.

I don’t need any one specific model.

Even my superstar — if she woke up one day and decided she no longer wanted to be a superstar, I'd get rid of her as well.

Yes, that would be awful.

However, I will not waste my time with anyone who do not have a burning desire to get fantastic results as soon as feasible.

How To Deal With A Model That Pushes Your Boundaries

Unless you're daring enough to recruit gay or trans models, the majority of your clients will be biological women.

Women and men think in different ways.

  • Men are logical; we will do something if it makes logical sense.
  • Women care more about their reputation. They will do it if it appears to be beneficial to their standing.

They will give you a chance if they respect you.

Even if you start producing money for them, if they lose respect for you, they'll throw it all away. Alternatively, they will begin looking for someone they respect.

The problem with working with women is that they can't quit shit testing you. This occurs even in professional settings.

A shit test is where a girl will test your frame to see that you are worthy of her respect.

She accomplishes this by committing a social transgression that would be unacceptable if carried out by someone who did not have a vagina.

Being 30 minutes late for a call, canceling at the last minute, flaking, being disrespectful, and failing to submit content are all examples of shit tests in the OF agency world.

And no matter how good your girls are, they will ultimately screw up and try to shit test you.

There are two things you can do to combat this:

  1. Implement practices to avoid shit testing
  2. Correct their behavior as soon as the shit test arises

In this essay, I've provided you plenty of examples of how to avoid shit tests. I'm sure I'll provide you more in the future.

Let's speak about how to modify their behavior.

I'll give you a simple example of what happened with one of the first girls I signed who became successful.

She had roughly 3000 followers after only a week or so of Reddit marketing. Her free account had over 600 followers at the moment, and things were looking well.

She had made around $500 after about a week. Not spectacular, but not bad for her first week — and from a free account, at that.

Keep in mind that this was early on, and I still had no idea what I was doing.

I was overjoyed with the results, especially because this was the only girl producing any money for me.

Everything appeared fine until I received this phone message from her:

Her: I’m sorry, um, I just had a major fight with my husband for personal reasons nothing to do with the videos… and uh I apologize but I am not really up to making content today.

I’m really sorry but this is bad timing because now that I need to put out more, I’m stopping. I’m very sorry but I’m not up to it today. If anything changes I’ll let you know.
Me: Are you saying you're quitting? Or are you just can't send any today?

Please clarify that for me.
Her: I’m not saying I’m quitting right now, today, but he left today, okay? And I have two kids and I’m not sure what’s gonna happen out of this, if he’s gonna come back or not.

So.. with that said, I am completely devastated and I am sorry. I don’t know what to say. If he comes back in the next few days, everything should be going back to the way we were.

And just catch up then? I’m not sure. Right now I just don’t have an answer. I don’t wanna quit, but I don’t know what’s gonna happen.
Me: So listen I know it’s not just about the money, and it’s a relationship and all that… but you gotta understand that your account has real potential and it’s only now starting to pick up steam.

You can do whatever you want. If you want to quit that’s fine, but I need some sort of commitment from you.

This can’t be the type of thing where something happens and you stop and then you start again.

So I need to know by today if you’re going to continue with us.

And if you are, I would absolutely love that, that would be amazing — for you and for me.

If the answer is no for whatever reason, then don’t even bother. And I’m not saying that to be a dick or anything like that but this is not the type of thing where we are in the business of chasing people, where “do you feel like making content today, oh no I can’t” it just doesn’t work for us.

So I would encourage you to think very hard about whether or not you want to do this. And if you do, let’s continue. But if not, that’s fine. Please just let me know.

Now, don't get me wrong: I'm not an unreasonable guy. I'm also not heartless.

But, as I already stated, this is a business. And I need to know that the people I hire to work in my company are trustworthy.

If I had answered:

“Oh it’s ok sweetie, take your time and figure out what’s going on with your husband. Just let me know when you feel like making content again”.

What kind of precedent do you think that would have set?

She'd know that if she didn't feel like generating content, she could make up some nonsense like fighting with her husband and I'd leave her.

I can't do it from a business sense.

I need to be tough. I must be a dick. Because the alternative is having an untrustworthy person take on a critical job in my company, which is a recipe for disaster.

True, the $500 or whatever that she earned in this time was not going to make or break me. But it was the first breakout success that I had with a model and didn’t want to lose it so quickly after it appeared.

However, I realized that working for me meant NO EXCUSES for this girl.

That NO MATTER WHAT, she had a responsibility to hold up her end of the bargain in this relationship or it was going to be over between us.

This is the attitude that you need to have with your models at every single step of the interaction.

  • She cancels your Zoom call at the last minute? Inform her that you do not work with time wasters and that she should look for work elsewhere
  • She misses the 48-hour deadline for delivering the content? Tell her you're only interested in serious individuals, and she's obviously not serious enough to work with you
  • She makes up an excuse for not doing what you requested her to do? Tell her that it's unacceptable and that if it happens again, she'll be gone
  • She doesn't send you your earnings share when she's supposed to? Tell her she has 24 hours to make it happen or her contract will be cancelled

You are not being unreasonable by adopting this mindset. You are not being cruel or a jerk.

You're simply treating her as you would any of your other business associates.

Right now, I have a partner who is doing an excellent job of promoting my superstar. He's fantastic at promoting her on Reddit and milking her fans, and we communicate several times per day.

If he stopped being amazing in all of these ways, I would treat him the same way. I would tell him that his behavior is inappropriate and give him the opportunity to rectify it.

If he did, that's fantastic. Things happen.

If he didn't, I'd find a new companion. And I'm confident he'd do the same for me.

I'd do the same for any of my friends or family members.

If they begin to act in an unpleasant manner, I will inform them that it is wrong and give them the opportunity to change.

If they did, everything is OK and we can continue. If they didn't, then screw them. They are not required in my life.

Why should you approach your models differently?

At the end of the day, these are the people you hope to have in your life for many years. You owe it to them to communicate properly and to state precisely what you expect from them.

How are they expected to know if you don't do that?

They probably don’t have any experience being in a business partnership. You have to teach them from scratch. It’s similar to having a child.

When a child misbehaves, you must not be scared to reprimand them. Otherwise, how would kids know what is appropriate in society?

But, to keep things simple, you must tell these girls how you expect to be handled.

If they perform what they have been clearly told to do (show up on time, provide particular amounts of content in a specific time frame, and respond to your conversations within a reasonable timeframe) you may reward them by allowing them to continue working with you.

If they don’t, then you CLEARLY tell them the nature of their violation and what they should do instead.

If they change, you can keep them. If they keep acting out, get rid of them.

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Best of luck out there!

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